It’s a Wahooo day.

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Hi all.

If you have found this site, please forgive me. This site is being built and products are being added slowly.

If you’re into CNC work or would like to shoot me an email, I enjoy reading these and other comments. I’ve got lots of different CNC projects, but my specialty is of course is  Wahoo/Aggravation boards and Sequence Boards. I’ve made my own design for the sequence boards. I also customize the Wahoo Boards. I also build travel type Wahoo boards which saves shipping costs.
These Travel Wahoo boards are actually the same size as a regular board but they break down to the small box size. They also store easier in a camper, motorcycle, or closet. The big board that is getting heavier as seniors age is also a factor.  I can build the big heavy boards, but the cost goes up due to shipping.  I can say that the big boards are easier to build.

While this site is pending, I have a new announcement. We now are building Pet Caskets due to the neighborhood requests. I know, this is off my main products but I am a creator, carpenter and inventor. I love to make these as I had a very close friend (cat) that I had for 19 years. Those are real years. I didn’t have my children live in my house that long. Shoot, I did not live with my parents that long. So I lost Sparky and my heart if felt for you if you have lost a pet. I will do my best to build you a pet casket with personalization when requested.

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