6 Man Travel Type Aggravation Board


You can take this one apart and store it in your kitchen cabinets, or hidden in your book shelf. This will be the same size as a regular wahoo board with the added benefit that you can carry it with you on vacation. If you travel on a motorcycle, this convenience will be greatly appreciated due to the small boxes on a motorcycle. Even if you pull a trailer, its nice to shove this in a corner.

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This travel wahoo board can be made into a 6 player full size game board. These are built with baltic birch wood at 1/2 inch thick for stability. Each board is hand painted, sealed , and packaged. Each board can be purchased with or without marbles. I usually like the bigger marbles of 5/8″. Now that we are starting to use the metric system, these are 16 mm. Each board including the non-travel boards can be customized with the name in the Center. I also can put “Family and Friends” in the Center at no extra charge. I really do appreciate your feed back. Let me know what I can do for you.


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