Hi all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a bike rider and a retired instrument technician. I’ve been wood working for about 45 years. However, I found that CNC work is the greatest of all instruments and I bought one. I’ve been using it to build games.

You’re more than welcome to ask why someone wants to build games. Have you noticed people today don’t correspond, communicate, or acknowledge people? When you go into a doctor’s office, people don’t talk. They are almost all on the iPhones. Even outer children are learning how to be hermits. It’s been my goal to get people off the phone and start talking, playing and learning how to laugh again. That’s where Sequence, Wahoo, and Dice games come in.

The next time you see your friends or even someone you haven’t seen before, say hi. Introduce yourself and share something about yourself.

Just to know, I don’t just build games. I also build lazy Susan’s, welcome signs, name tags for doors, and coasters. If you need something and can send the picture I’d consider doing it.